Testimonials from Fellows

IARP/IALCP Fellows Stress Value

Nancy Mitchell

Nancy Mitchell, 08/18/15

"I too have found my fellow designation to be of great benefit especially when I testify. I believe it is a way to set me apart from other life care planners. It is a recognition of my experience, my commitment to the standards of practice and my contributions to the filed of life care planning. The fact that there are so few life care planners with this designation, in my opinion, only increases its value."
"There was certainly effort involved pulling together my application but I have never been sorry I took the time and effort to apply. I renewed my fellow designation recently and would certainly do so again. I encourage other experienced life care planners who qualify to apply. I am proud to have those letters after my name."

Karen Preston

Karen Preston, 08/03/15

The credential is important to me because it tells others that I have experience and that my plans are demonstrated to follow standards of practice. I explain, especially in depositions and to attorneys screening me for referrals, the process for becoming a Fellow. I emphasize that the requirement to have done at least 50 plans and to be blind peer-reviewed shows a level of expertise that is different than other credentials that only measure retaining knowledge from courses. I also tell them that a Fellow must contribute to the field and engage in practices that keep us in leadership positions in the field."

Rebecca Busch

Rebecca Busch, 08/17/15

"Out of all of my credentials this one, in particular, does a few things that are unique in comparison to the others: (1) You have a baseline of professional experience to participate; (2) You have a peer review process - blind this is consistent with a scientifically based process; (2) You have continuing education individually and as an educator; & (4) It is not a fly by night for-profit certification."
"Many other credentials that are offered have a commercial like "feeling" versus a true academic/body of knowledge."

Tracy Albee

Tracy Albee, 09/03/15

"I became a Fellow in 2005 and therefore, have been proud to have the FIALCP on my CV for 15 years. I have educated hundreds of attorneys and other life care planners, through my testimony, on the importance of recognizing excellence in the field. I have now renewed by Fellow based on the new requirements so that there is a demonstration that I continue to meet the requirements on a consistent and ongoing basis...I know there is a much larger number of LCPers out there who contribute to the field of LCPing by educating, publishing, mentoring and who are involved in our Association at local, state and national levels. Please join me in recognizing yourselves and having others recognize you as a Leader in the Filed of Life Care Planning. Apply or Renew Today!"

Kathleen Murphy

Kathleen Murphy, 08/20/15

"I have found my Fellow Designation to be of great benefit especially with testimony. This designation sets us apart from other life care planners, as it acknowledges our level of expertise, commitment to the standards of practice, and our contributions to the field of life care planning. I recently submitted my renewal application and was verbally informed hat it had been approved and look forward to receiving the official confirmation letter."

Tracy Wingate

Tracy Wingate, 08/17/15

"The Fellow has been VERY beneficial. It sets you apart from less experienced LCPers. There are several criteria to be eligible to apply. A few include completing at least 50 LCPs to begin the process. Many CLCP's do not get to that level if they do not do very many LCP's. This increases your level of expertise. And you have to prove adherence to utilizing the standards of practice to complete 2 blind peer reviewed LCPs. Receiving a credential that proves adherence to the standards of practice, increases your level of expertise. You also have to give back to the LCPing profession by either writing publications or speaking to promote the advancement of LCPing. This also increases your level of expertise. Obtaining the Fellow does take some work but in my opinion is well worth the time"