Section Strategic Plan

Section Strategic Plan


1.0  -  The IARP-IALCP Section will position itself as the leading provider of educational programs to advance learning and professional development.

2.0  -  The IARP-IALCP Section will position itself as the international life care planning organization dedicated to the advancement of the profession

3.0  -  The IARP-IALCP Section will provide basic information about career opportunities in life care planning in coordination with other IARP sections and Chapters

4.0  -  The IARP-IALCP Section will oversee the provision of a peer-reviewed quarterly publication

5.0  -  The IARP-IALCP Section will promote membership and will provide input on methods to generate revenue

6.0  -  The IARP-IALCP Section will promote and monitor the Fellows Credential to assure the standards established are maintained.