Resources for Life Care Planners

PLEASE NOTE: IARP does not endorse any of these websites or publications.

Websites -  National Council for Aging Care's guide on Military Veteran Benefit Options - Anatomy illustrations and articles - Paralyzed Veterans of America; spinal cord injury research and education - American Time Use Survey; national estimates of how Americans spend their time - Age calculator - Inflation calculator - Education regarding neck and back pain - The Care Planner Network links to resources - Foundation for Life Care Planning Research - Listings for psychologists, psychiatrists, therapists and counselors, including costs - Veterans benefits, including federal housing modification grant prices - Agency on Healthcare Research and Quality; tool for identifying, tracking and analyzing national hospital statistics - Prescription drug price comparison - Information about what consumers are paying for goods and services, including a category for health care services and equipment - DME, wheelchairs and assistive devices - DME equipment and bathroom needs - Medical equipment and supplies - Rehabilitation, assistive and splinting products Fair price for home remodeling, maintenance and repair installation services - American Hospital Directory - free hospital profiles and statistics, plus annual subscription service with more detailed hospital information, including average charges for individual MS-DRGs at that hospital - Red Book - subscription which allows for access to costs of medications and products. - Provider of certification credentials in life care planning - Certification board for nurse life care planners


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Physicians’ Fee Reference. Wasserman Medical Publishers.  (published annually)

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