Membership Benefits

The IARP Life Care Planning IALCP Section has a rich history serving the life care planning community.

The section was originally established in 1996 as the International Academy of Life Care Planners,  a privately owned professional membership association.  Its goals were to serve the advanced practice educational needs of life care planners and to promote the application of Standards of Practice for life care planners in the field. Contributions have included spearheading the development of Standards, peer-reviewed Fellow designation, and an international online membership directory. The section has grown to over 500 members across the United States and Canada since becoming an IARP section in 2006.

Being a member of the IARP Life Care Planning IALCP Section allows you to belong to the only transdisciplinary association specific to life care planners. Being a member will allow you to vote and participate in the direction and evolution of the life care planning field. Being a member will also provide you with the following:

  • Free listing in the IARP online membership directory
  • National visibility
  • Increased credibility
  • Subscription to the Journal of Life Care Planning
  • Educational offerings to increase your skills
  • Standards of practice
  • Professional networking opportunities
  • Entry to the Life Care Planning community and discussion group on IARP Connect (formerly know as the listserv)
  • Access to professional liability insurance coverage

Integration with IARP provides these additional benefits:

  • Voting Professional Membership in IARP
  • Eligibility to run for IARP offices
  • Association-To-Association affiliations
  • Opportunity to interface and network with vocational and forensic experts
  • Discounted fees for IARP training and conferences
  • Group rates on other business services
  • Free subscription to the Rehabilitation Professional Journal
  • Opportunity to join additional special interest sections
  • Specific affinity programs


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    FAIR Health

    This is a Special Offer for IARP Members Only

    IARP is pleased to launch a new program to make health care cost information available to its members at discounted rates. IARP wants to make it as easy as possible for members to confidently develop plans based on reliable, robust geographically-specific information about future healthcare expenses.

    That's why we have teamed with FAIR Health, Inc., an independent, nonprofit maintaining the country's largest, most trusted repository of privately billed medical and dental charge data to bring reliable cost information to your desktop—through a special, discounted licensing arrangement.

    FAIR Health's online tool and the data that support it are:

    • Convenient. Makes cost data accessible to you through an easy-to-use online tool—enabling you to quickly create a customized healthcare cost profile and resulting in considerable savings to you in both cost and time.
    • Flexible. Enables you to easily conduct a new cost search and update your plan whenever your client's healthcare needs change.
    • Comprehensive. Offers charge data for professional and facility codes for medical-surgical, dental, anesthesia, inpatient, outpatient, ambulatory surgery center and HCPCS services (including ground and air ambulance services).
    • Representative. Features benchmark charges based on data from many of the nation's largest health plans and payors that cover more than 150 million individuals.
    • Geographically specific. Provides granular local data for 493 three-digit zip regions nationwide.
    • Affordable. Flexible packages are available starting at just $385. Ask about bulk discounts.

    For personalized service, contact Jeff Newbauer at FAIR Health. Jeff worked closely with IARP to develop the program and can help you get started.

    Jeff Newbauer
    FAIR Health Account Manager
    (440) 247-5720

    This program is only available to members of IARP.  IARP Members, you will be prompted to login when you click on the PDFs below:

    Fair Health Licensing and Pricing Details for IARP Members (Click to Download)

    Fair Health Agreement for IARP Members (Click to Download)

    American Hospital Directory

    The American Hospital Directory® provides data and statistics about more than 6,000 hospitals nationwide.® hospital information includes both public and private sources such as Medicare claims data, hospital cost reports, and commercial licensors. AHD® is not affiliated with the American Hospital Association (AHA) and is not a source for AHA Data.  AHD data are evidence-based and derived from the most authoritative sources.  IARP Members receive a 10% discount.  Click here for details.


    ActiveLCP logo

    ActiveLCP™ is easy to use and reliable life care planning software for PC and MAC users that follows standards and methodology in the life care planning process. Each life care planner completes clinical decisions, generates various case scenario options, and builds an enduring resource database with ease using our proven software product, which is built with over 25 years of experience in life care planning and software production. We know life care planning and provide excellent customer service!

    Our mission is to have a reliable software product that can be used by the single life care planner using Claris FileMaker as well as teams working together on LAN or WAN networks using the FileMaker Server application, FileMaker hosting, or Claris FileMaker Cloud. For additional information, see or email Text or call Lisa Busby Thomas at 601-613-3533. Software has a 30-day money back guarantee. Ask for a demonstration today! IARP members receive 40% off software purchases.

    ActiveLCP Information




    Find-A-Code is proud to partner with IARP and IALCP to offer a 15% discount on a professional Find-A-Code subscription.
    Find-A-Code provides the most complete medical coding and billing library available. Code sets, search, description and details are returned in a way that makes navigating to the information you need quick and easy. Each subscription is unique, allowing you to customize your software with coding packages tailored to your work. You pay for only what you need, and don't have to navigate irrelevant data.

    Life Care Planner favorites include:

    • UCR fees
    • Anesthesia fees
    • Commercial payer policies
    • NCCI Edits for correct bundling of procedures
    • Zip code driven location adjustments