Scope and Standards of Practice


To:  All Life Care Planning IALCP Section Members

From:  Patty Costantini, Chair

I am very pleased to announce the availability of the IARP/Life Care Planning IALCP Section Standards of Practice for Life Care Planners Third Edition.  I also want to pay tribute to Karen Preston, chair of the Standards of Practice Committee, and the dedicated volunteers who contributed to this valued resource for the our community.

As Karen writes in the forward, "Creating the third edition of the Standards of Practice was a project that reflected the growth, change, and maturity of this field of practice."  She further acknowledges that 14 years after the first edition was drafted, our revised standards reflect our practice's becoming more objective and research-based.

Take a look at  the names of the members of our section and other life care planning community leaders who are listed in the opening pages.  The revision committee and the advisory group members from throughout North America began their work in January 2013 and labored for over two years to make this achievement possible.

Many of you may have attended the sessions at the International Symposium of Life Care Planning in Minneapolis or the IARP Annual Conference in San Diego last fall where Karen presented background on the Standards.  For those who missed these informative presentations, we also are making Karen's presentation available through IARP LEARN for no charge.

You may purchase copies of the printed Standards of Practice for Life Care Planners Third Edition for $30 each (postage included).  

If you are a current member of the IARP Life Care Planning IALCP Section, you may click here to download a digital copy of the Standards of Practice for Life Care Planners Third Edition.

Remember these standards are copyrighted and may not be reproduced without the written consent of  IARP and the Life Care Planning IALCP Section.



The Life Care Planning IALCP Section believes professionals who develop life care plans must:

  • Have a foundation of knowledge and practice
  • Have an appropriate experience base
  • Conduct an active practice which demonstrates application of 
    the appropriate professional processes
  • Perform specific methodologies demonstrating advanced practice
  • Participate in professional organizations
  • Participate in community and national organizations