Board Leaders 2024/2025

Jocelyn Holt, OTR/L, CLCP, President
Vanessa Rodriguez MS, CRC, ICVE, CDMS, President-Elect
Bill R. England MS, CRC, CDMS, CCM, Past President
Claire Heusinger, MS, CRC, CVE, CLCP, Treasurer
Amy Kutschbach, MRC, CRC, CCM, ABVE/D, Membership Chair
Becky Balter, MA, CRC, Board Secretary
Paul M. Ramos PT, GCS, CLCP, FIALCP, ATP, CEAC, Standards and Ethics Committee Chair
Lisa H. Anderson, MS, CRC, CVE, CLCP, Legislative Chair
Michael Massey, DO, CLCP, CPLCP, Training and Education Committee Chair