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  • Research Study on Daubert and Frye-Reed Challenge.

    Rehabilitation Professionals, 

    Dr. Scott Beverage is conducting a study to discover how practicing counselors experience Daubert and Frye-Reed Challenges and the impact it has on their careers. This study has been approved by IARP, and is being distributed via the list serve. Please read the information following this message for further information. 

    Brief Study Description:

    The following study will use a survey methodology to discover the how practicing counselors experience Daubert and Frye-Reed challenges and the impact this has on their careers. The survey will be sent out via listserv to members of the IARP who support this research endeavor. Participants will have the option to disclose some demographic information. Results will be analyzed to gain a sense of ethical dilemmas and challenges when providing forensic rehabilitation services as well as ways in which experts can protects themselves from successful a Daubert challenge. 

     Informed Consent Information

    The following information will be included in the online survey with choice to continue serving as electronic consent:

    Information about the Research Study - Daubert/Frye-Reed Study

    You are invited to participate in a research study under the direction Dr. Beveridge in the Department of Counseling from the Graduate School of Education at the George Washington University (GWU). Taking part in this research is entirely voluntary. The status of your employment will not, in any way, be affected should you choose not to participate or if you decide to withdraw from the study at any time.

    The purpose of this study is to assess how practicing rehabilitation counselors experience Daubert and Frye-Reed challenges and the impact this has on their career. This study involves collecting demographic data.  

     If you choose to take part in this study, you will fill out one survey. The total amount of time you will spend in connection with this study is approximately five to ten minutes. 

    The survey is blended with quantitative and qualitative sections. Section one of the survey consists of questions to obtain demographic information. Section two is a qualitative descriptive section in which we invite you to discuss your experience in response to open ended prompts.

     Possible risks or discomforts you could experience during this study include: minimal stress resulting from the recall of personal experiences with a Daubert or Frye-Reed challenge. In the unlikely event that this should occur, a resource will be provided if you wish to discuss any discomfort that resurfaces from responding to this survey.

    You will not benefit directly from your participation in the study. The benefits to science and humankind that might result from this study are: helping inform recommendations to avoid the potential ethical dilemmas and challenges when providing forensic rehabilitation services; as well as ways in which experts can protect themselves from a successful Daubert challenge that could result in dismissal of the case and permanent damage to their reputation. 

    Your information and participation will be confidential. The data collected will be anonymous and no names will be stored or collected at any point. If results of this research study are reported in journals or at scientific meetings, the people who participated in this study will not be named or identified. Our safeguards ensure no risk of breaching confidentiality.

    The Office of Human Research of George Washington University, at telephone number (202) 994-2715, can provide further information about your rights as a research participant. Further information regarding this study may be obtained by contacting Dr. Scott Beveridge, the principal contact for the study, at telephone number (202) 994-2473 or by email at

    To ensure anonymity, your signature is not required in this document. Your willingness to participate in this research study is implied if you proceed with completing the survey. 

  • IARP Annual Conference Update

    As of now, the IARP conference will continue as scheduled. We are communicating with the hotel regularly and watching the weather very closely and will keep everyone updated on any changes.

    For those who have not registered yet, please remember that tomorrow, September 20th, is the early bird cut-off date. 

    Click here to register, we look forward to seeing you in Charlotte!​

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