The IARP Social Security Vocational Expert (SSVE) Section members comprise a unique and diversified group of vocational experts, life care planners and vocational economists.

Learn how IARP Social Security Vocational Expert (SSVE) Section can help you grow and prosper as a rehabilitation professional.

Section Announcements

  • SSA has released the new solicitation for Social Security Vocational Experts

    IARP SSVE is pleased to announce that SSA has released the new solicitation for Social Security Vocational Experts. The solicitation indicates that it is now a requirement for vocational experts to have a CRC or ABVE certification by March of 2023. These are relevant national certifications that require a Master’s degree, adherence to an ethical code and continuing education. The qualifications SSA has required are:

    To ensure all individuals serving as a VE have the knowledge, skills and ability to provide expert opinions, all VEs must meet and maintain all of the following requirements:

    1. At least five years of direct experience providing vocational rehabilitation services to individuals with disabilities
    2. Current national certification as either a Certified Rehabilitation Counselor (CRC) by the Commission on Rehabilitation Counselor Certification (CRCC), or National certification as a Fellow or Diplomate by the American Board of Vocational Experts (ABVE), and
    3. Meet the continuing educational requirements of their national certifications from either the CRCC or ABVE.

    IARP SSVE would like to thank CRCC, ABVE and NADR for their support in this cause. We would also like to thank our members for their unwavering financial support of this campaign.

Section Leadership

Michelle Aliff  Chairperson
Michael Blankenship Past Chairperson
Todd Harden Rep to the IARP Board
Todd Gendreau  Member at Large
Leslie Lloyd Member at Large
Michael Rosko Member at Large
John Yent Member at Large
​​​​Sara Statz Member at Large
Coordinator of Regional Reps
Amy Vercillo Special Projects Director
Non-Voting Member

How to Join the SSVE Section

Change to Memberships in the SSVE Section and SSVE listserv access as of March 1, 2019.

As announced by the SSVE Board of Directors, SSVE Section members will now see an additional $150 fee to join or renew membership in the SSVE section. If a member chooses not to pay the fee they will no longer be a members of the section. 

Membership in this section is open to those individuals with a current BPA with the SSA.  To join, please edit your member profile by changing the "SSVE section participation" field to "YES".  You will be required to provide your BPA number. Please refer to this letter from the SSVE Section Leadership regarding the benefits this will bring. After you complete the checkout process, please allow 5-7 business days for approval. Contact the office if you need immediate access – info@rehabpro.org.

JOIN IARP SSVE and the SSVE LISTSERV while working under another’s BPA (SSA Contract)

Individuals working under another BPA are welcome to join the SSVE section providing they meet these prerequisites:

1) Meet White Paper Qualifications.

2) Provide the BPA holder's name and number they are working under. 

3) The BPA holder must verify that the individual works under their BPA.



1) Email Michelle Aliff or Todd Harden about your intention to join. Provide a copy of your CV.

2) The Board will review the CV to confirm the individual meets White Paper qualifications.

3) The Board will verify with the BPA holder that the person does work under their BPA.

4) When these steps are accomplished, the person will be approved for section membership.​​​

5) To join IARP, candidates will need to pay IARP dues, select a chapter (if one is available) and pay the SSVE fee. Click HERE, once approved, to start the application process.  

Section News

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