2017 IARP Leadership Election Results

By IARP Headquarters posted 06-13-2017 01:28

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Dear Members,

I am pleased to announce the results of the IARP 2017 leadership elections. We thank all those who voted. We salute the dedicated volunteer leaders listed below who have stepped forward and are committed to help lead IARP in the coming year. I also congratulate all the candidates who stood for election. We hope they will continue to be active in our committees, sections, and chapters.

Steve Yuhas
2017 IARP Election Chair

2017 IARP Leadership Election Results

IARP Board of Directors
IARP Treasurer - John M. Meltzer
IARP Director of Marketing and Membership ­- Tony Morin

IARP Forensic Section Board
Vice Chair - Dana Beining
Member at Large - Justin King
Member at Large - Norma Stricklin

IARP Life Care Planning (IALCP) Section Board
Chair Elect - Jody M. Masterson
Board Member at Large - Nancy Mitchell
Board Member at Large - Ron Smolarski
Representative to the IARP Board of Directors - Debbe Marcinko

IARP Rehabilitation and Disability Case Management (RDCM) Section Board
Chair Elect - Sara L. Shugars
Board Member at Large - Robert Cogburn
Board Member at Large - Carrie Johnson
Representative to the IARP Board of Directors - Edward P. Steffan

IARP Social Security Vocational Expert Section Board
Chair Elect -­ Michelle Aliff
Member at Large -­ Debbie Civils
Member at Large ­- Todd Harden

IARP Vocational Rehabilitation Transition Services Section Board
Chair Elect - Bruce Bloom
Member at Large Secretary - Lisa Byrne
Member at Large - Giana Ferrari Ayers

Standards Compliance Review Board (SCRB)
Forensic Representative - Burt Ashman
RDCM Representative - Edward P. Steffan



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