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Region 10 SSA-VE's or those pursuing SSA VE work - Call to Action

  • 1.  Region 10 SSA-VE's or those pursuing SSA VE work - Call to Action

    Posted 10-04-2015 12:17

    Well, here we are on October 1, 2015 and the Federal Government has just been provided with the FY 2016 operational budget. That means that government contractors will have funding to continue their professional efforts. In our case, that means that ODAR will be able to continue to pay us. So this is the perfect time to consider how important that income is. And, to realize that without our continuing efforts, that funding may cease or be modified in a manner not wanted by us as small businesses and independent contractors.

    The big picture is this: It is essential that we gather about $5000 to insure our continuing lobbying efforts through the end of the calendar year. Simply stated, we need 250 people to each contribute $20 this month to meet our goal. Or, we need 20 people to contribute $250 before the end of October. We have come too far (and those who will be attending the IARP conference in New Orleans will recognize how important it is) to back down at this time. With the next BPA around the corner and the in-roads that have been made with Congress, it is exceptionally important for us to keep the pressure on, get the word out to those who approve funding for SSA, and have our questions about "why so long without a fee increase" answered.

    I am appealing to the fabulous Region 10 VE's in Washington State and the non-member SS-VE's, and anyone who can motivate or be motivated to contribute. If you think you can afford $20, toss a fifty into the pot. If $50 is what you think you can afford, toss in $100.

    I suggested that we needed 20 people to donate $250 each. Here is my challenge to the group: IF 18 PEOPLE CONTRIBUTE $250 EACH BY OCTOBER 31 (my favorite holiday by the way) THEN I SHALL TOSS IN THE REMAINING $500. Remember, this is about YOUR future and YOUR potential to impact an increase in the fee per hearing. It is up to you. This could be one the most important business decisions you make this month.


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