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Reminder - Webinar for VRCs on September 9

  • 1.  Reminder - Webinar for VRCs on September 9

    Posted 09-04-2015 17:47

    The Labor Market Survey is utilized by Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors (VRCs) in assessing an injured worker's ability to work and suitability for return to work as the soonest safe time.

    VRCs hold the requisite education, are nationally certified, must adhere to a code of ethics, and are experienced and qualified to utilize their specialized knowledge to provide analysis and labor market survey/research. Because all measures of research carry with them a standard level of error, the LMS/R proposes to reduce redundancy, promote a higher level of objectivity, and help to neutralize LMS validity issues based on the characteristics of employers and respondents (firm’s size/relevance to job, respondent’s position, tenure, familiarity with job, general mood, the way a question is phrased, resistance, etc.).

    This comprehensive and transparent analysis completed by the VRC will promote accuracy, strengthen case outcomes and decrease costs through the reduction of subjective data collection methods.

    This webinar will educate attendees on the objective and reliable data sources and more importantly how the injured worker is best served by the new methodology.
    Cost - $60.00

    Registration is available at the following link  Learn about the new LMS process for vocational counselors!



    Cloie B. Johnson, MEd
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