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Could this be Tim Field's last speaking engagement in Oregon/SW Washington

  • 1.  Could this be Tim Field's last speaking engagement in Oregon/SW Washington

    Posted 10-16-2014 17:06
    Time to sign up!


    Unable to go the IARP Conference?


    OARP is bringing a mini conference to you. Join us in
    welcoming 3 esteemed speakers presenting: "What Makes a
    Medical Expert Witness."



    November 4, 2014



    OARP warmly thanks





    The Insurance Store

    for supporting this
    educational event.





    What Makes a Medical Expert Witness?

    Presented by Timothy F. Field, Ph.D., Anthony J. Choppa M.Ed., CRC, CDMS, CCM and Cloie B. Johnson M.Ed., ABVE, CCM.



    This presentation will cover and discuss legal and content area of providing expert testimony.


    Laws and Regulations: The three major admissibility rulings (Daubert, Kumho, Joiner) will be briefly reviewed in order to develop a common ground for the session. A greater emphasis will be placed on FRE 702 as the critical guideline for establishing the parameters of expert testimony.


    The Daubert Challenge: This section will review an approach to responding to the tradition in limine challenge to the credibility of the expert and/or the challenge to the expert's testimony (following a deposition). An actual case will be used to specifically illustrate the process by which an expert is confronted in such a legal maneuver.


    Admissibility of Life Care Planning Testimony: Admissibility of testimony will be further examined by specifically addressing issues related to the practice of developinglife care plans. Of major concern is the correct approach to take when developing the plan, particularly related to foundation issues and data sources.


    Actual cases will be reviewed in order to illustrate concerns and issues related to expert testimony. These cases, some dated, but many of recent vintage, will show both excellent work by experts and a few cases where the expert could have done better. The intent of using actual cases is to be instructive and helpful to other professionals (identification of experts in these cases will be guarded).


    About ourSpeakers



    Dr. Tim Field has been an author, consultant, educator, and vocational expert within the public and privaterehabilitation sectors since joining the faculty at the University of Georgia in 1972. As an academicadvisor and major professor at UGA, more than 75 masters candidates and 19 doctoral candidatesgraduated with degrees in counseling and rehabilitation. Dr. Field was a vocational expert and advisor tothe social security program and to both plaintiff and defense attorneys in personal injury litigation. Overthe last 25 years, following the establishment of Elliott & Fitzpatrick, Inc., Dr. Field has conducted over350 seminars to rehabilitation professionals on the topics of job analysis, transferable work skills, loss ofemployability, lost earning capacity, admissibility testimony, and clinical judgment. In recent years, Dr.Field has concentrated on authoring books and developing related resources (journals, study guides, etc.)through printing and publishing for professionals in the rehabilitation industry. Dr. Field is a frequentcontributor of articles to the professional journals in rehabilitation.


    Anthony Choppa is a registered Counselor and Consultant for the OSC Vocational Systems, Inc. He has been a training Coordinator for Conbela Assoc. and was an intake and Vocational Counselor for Youngstown Society for the Blind and Disabled. His expertise is in vocational rehabilitation counseling, case management, developing rehabilitation plans, job development and placement, psychometric testing, expert

    testimony, life care planning, and case management. He is a manager of a large staff of rehabilitation professionals providing a variety of rehabilitation services in the areas of workers' compensation, personal injury, life care planning, veterans services, social security, railroad, maritime, and longshore cases.


    Cloie Johnson beganher work as a Case Manager and Rehabilitation Counselor in 1987 with the United States Army. She served on active duty for five years as a Behavioral Science Specialist, and then continued to serve in the same capacity as a Reservist until 1995. Cloieobtained a Master's degree in Education (Guidance and Counseling) from Whitworth College and is a nationally certified Case Manager and a Diplomat with the American Board of Vocational Experts. She has been the Managing Editor of the Rehabilitation Professional Journal and Chair-Elect of the International Academy of Life Care Planners and published many Life Care Plan and Vocational Rehabilitation articles and is a frequent speaker on rehabilitation issues.Cloie has been practicing in the private sector since 1993, providing vocational assessments and services including return to work, job accommodation reviews, retraining, life care planning, case management and placement services. She also provides consultation, opinion, life care planning, vocational expert testimony and damage calculations in workers' compensation, social security, personal injury and employment discrimination cases.



    Date: November 4, 2014

    Place: Sheraton Portland

    Airport Hotel

    8235 NE Airport Way

    Portland, OR 97218


    Time: 8:30 a.m. (Registration)

    9:00 a.m.- 3:00 p.m.

    (Lunch is included)


    Cost: $90.00 - OARP Member

    $115.00 - Non-Member


    (Registration After October 20th)

    $100.00 - OARP Member

    $125.00 - Non-Member


    Included with registration, attendee will receive 3 booklets written by the speakers- "Federal Rule 702 in light of the Daubert, Kumho, and Joiner Rulings on the Admissibility of Expert Testimony," "The Daubert Challenge: From Case Referral to Trial," Life care Planning in the Light of Daubert & Kunho."


    9320 SW Barbur Blvd.

    Suite 375

    Portland, Oregon 97219


    5.0 CEUs have been requested

    Meeting Registration Form

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