IARP Texas- Winter 2012 All Day Seminar

Individual rehabilitation professionals have experienced change over the past several months and will continue to entertain and experience change in the future. Some have continued to work primarily in Workers’ Compensation while others have gravitated to Social Security Disability, Disability Management, Life Care Planning or Forensic Rehabilitation. For some, the future may hold endeavors in Elder Care Law. Regardless of the general title, essential rehabilitation knowledge and skills are important and remain – including interviewing skills, case management, counseling, evaluation, investigative skills, vocational assessment, job seeking skills, placement, follow-up, and many others We hope this All Day Seminar will add to your knowledge and skills and will give you thought to possible changes that you might wish to make in your own professional life – whether it is as an individual practitioner, professional employee of a larger firm (case management, insurance, third party administrator, life care planning, law firm, etc.), as a member of a rehabilitation facility staff, as an educator, or as a student in a field of rehabilitation study preparing to undertake a professional role. Download the seminar brochure here.