Leta Berkshire

OwnerVocational Consultant-Conselor,
Dostoyniy Counseling

Contact Details

Dostoyniy Counseling
Federal Way, WA 98063

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Professionally, I have 30 years plus in vocational rehabilitation and mental health counseling. I've worked with injured workers, targeted population groups, ex-offenders, inmates, homeless, refugees, hard-to-serve populations, comorbid clients, and individuals with cognitive, behavioral, and physical disabilities. I've also worked with different age groups from at-risk youth to senior programs. I've contracted as a Social Security Vocational Expert since 2016. I have a private practice and do a lot of consulting and pro-bono work with specific population groups.


Walden University
Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States
PhD (ABE), 2009
Educational Psychology
2004 To 2009
Dissertation: Acculerated Stress in Online Learning

City University
Renton, Washington, United States
Master of Arts, 2000
Mental Health Counseling
1996 To 2000
Dissertation: Lack of Coping Skills in Mental Health Consumers with Dissociative Identity Disorder

Seattle University
Seattle, Washington, United States
BA-Education: Rehabilitation, 1990

Job History

Dostoyniy Counseling
Vocational Consultant/Counselor-Owner
Auburn, WA, United States
September 2000 - present

Renton Technical College
Associate Professor
January 2000 - present