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Guide on understanding of the concept of academic writing.

If you are a student and, despite learning the components of the essay structure, struggling to create a handy writing piece, most probably, you might be ignoring the importance of pre-writing measures. In this article, we will present the importance and role of pre-writing measures. 

There are over a dozen types of academic writing, and each essay has great unique importance. Every student tries its level best to learn the art of structuring an essay appropriately. For this purpose, the author bends over backward to learn the art of structuring an essay. On the other hand, the students ignore the importance of pre-writing measures, and it is why the students fail to create a top-tier writing piece. 

A scribbler needs to learn the importance of pre-writing measures as they play a vital role in creating a presentable writing piece. 

Moreover, a scribbler must understand that no rocket science is involved in learning essay writing skills. Furthermore, students can't learn predefined academic writing rules and learn the art of applying them accordingly. To understand this specific art, the students must observe how a legit write my essay service applies those predefined academic writing laws.

Firstly, the students have to develop a complete understanding of the concept of academic writing.

What is essay writing?

Essay writing is a genre of formal writing. It demands an essay writer to express thoughts, emotional feelings, suggestions, and recommendations according to the assigned topic. The author must define the topic, and the definition must be absolute. Furthermore, the author should have ample information about the topic. Only then can a scribbler explain the topic in detail.

Usually, the students at the initial stage of academic writing do not apply the pre-writing elements. Consequently, the students get stuck in the middle while creating a deep-dyed writing piece. Therefore, students need to know what the pre-writing features are and why they are imperative to follow.


It is the foremost step in academic writing. It pushes the students to put their heads down and focus on developing an absolute understanding of the topic. Once a student knows what the concept of brainstorming is, it can put the writing efforts in the right direction as required by the subject.

This particular step provokes a large number of scattered thoughts in the writer's mind. A few ideas among those steps may be irrelevant and or not up to the mark. Usually, a cheap essay writing service ignores brainstorming to complete the essay writing task on behalf of students before the deadline. Ultimately, a specific essay writing platform fails to compose a presentable writing piece. Thus, students must follow the process of brainstorming. 

Targeting the audience

Mostly, the students at the initial stage of essay writing struggle to make the essay's text engaging and presentable. Despite inscribing unique facts, compelling sentences, and unique writing style, the students struggle a lot in luring the readers' attention toward the essay. Resultantly, the students are fed up and do not put the writing efforts in the right direction as required by the topic. 

Students need to collect information about the audience that a scribbler is going to target in the text. It includes information on gender, age, professional career, and area of interest. Once the author has collected the audience's information, it can present the text before the right people. Whether a student has to compose a deep-dyed writing piece on research essay topics or any other academic writing genre, it must spend time analyzing the audience before putting pen to paper. 

For instance, if the author presents a lengthy essay on research paper topics or on any other genre of the essay, the author must present that particular writing piece to such an audience as it should take an interest in reading a deep-dyed essay till the end.


Understandably, creating a lengthy writing piece without having ample information on the topic is impossible for an essay writer. Therefore, a scribbler must research the topic before putting pen to paper. In this way, the students learn various modern techniques to research a topic or a specific subject.

A writer should present unique information on the topic to make the text engaging, fascinating, and unique. 

Usually, when a student does not have profound knowledge about the assigned topic, it gets stuck in the middle while creating a comprehensive writing piece. Consequently, it fails to complete the assigned academic writing task. 

Researching plays a vital role in increasing knowledge about various topics.

Pre-writing measures play a significant role for students to create a handy paper. However, mostly, the students do not give maximal importance to pre-writing factors; that is why they struggle a lot in creating a presentable writing piece. 

It is also necessary to discuss here that the students consider counting the number of words of an essay tedious. Mostly, the students are not allowed to use software for words counter for essays, primarily when they compose an article on a sheet of paper. The students must not exceed the limit of the assigned number of words as doing so takes more time to complete the assigned writing task. The students should practice essay writing more and more to get an idea of how many words they can write in an allocated time. 

After practicing composing lengthy essays time and again, the students automatically get an idea of how many words a specific essay consists of by looking at the particular writing piece.


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