“I view the Forensic Section of IARP as such a gift, and I am more than happy to respond with a testimonial. I joined IARP (formerly NARPPS) at the time I left State employment in 1994. I needed to know how to succeed in the private forensic sector of vocational rehabilitation. The organization, through its publications and conferences, helped me develop the necessary skills and capabilities. Professional conferences and the Forensic Listserv helped me build relationships and grow professionally in a time frame that was faster and at a cost that was lower than any other option that was available. I so appreciate the networking opportunities with like-minded people. Twenty two years later I still consider my membership and involvement with the Forensic Section of IARP to be one of the best professional decisions I have made. The Section represents a rich resource of content, material, and people dedicated to the practice of forensic vocational rehabilitation. Throughout the years I have marveled at the generous gift of time and knowledge so many members have shared so unselfishly in an industry which can be competitive. I am forever grateful for all I have been given through my association with these members.”

Barbara Nelson, Certified Rehabilitation Counselor

“Simply said, I could not have imagined my career in forensic Vocational Rehab Counseling without being part of the IARP Forensic Section. I also would be remiss to think that I might continue without involvement in it. Its listserv alone is a most contemporary, engaging, and pragmatic forum for professional growth. Both the questions as well as the answers cannot help but at a minimum reinforce ones established practice, beliefs, and methodologies-- as well as introduce new ones-- on a constant basis. Listserv rules of etiquette also minimize situations when disagreement or differences of opinion might otherwise become personal or belittling. The Forensic Conferences, now combined in IARP all-section ones, provide research and insight thanks to the generous speakers who willingly share their experiences within their craft.

The Section also benefits members with mentor and mentee opportunities on multiple levels as well as may serve as a source of referrals from peers. Numerous ones among us owe our introduction to one another via this Section and in many cases, to include my own, has led to professional associations and friendships otherwise unavailable to me. The cost of IARP membership is small when compared to the benefits of this Section alone. To date, the Section has survived not only the tests of time, but also of logistics, membership retention and growth. Long may this last.”

Bob Pare, MS, CRC, LRC, CDMS

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