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Vocational Rehabilitation Transition Services Promoted at the Council of Parent Attorneys and Advocates Annual Conference, Monterey, California.


On March 10th, Bruce Bloom, the Chair-Elect for the Vocational Rehabilitation  Transition Services section presented to a crowded room of attorneys, advocates and parents, on the "Essential Components of a Vocational Evaluation; Employable Goals, Environmental Adjustment, and Expert Interpretation."


Bruce states: “From the feedback that I received from many in the room, this was the first time they have ever heard about a vocational evaluation performed by a Certified Rehabilitation Counselor, and why an expert in Vocational Expert is needed to interpret test results in light of students functional ability, tested performance, and current job market.”


Bruce believes that his presentation was a great opportunity to share about “why CRC’s are relevant and needed in transition services” and that this will benefit VRTS and IARP.

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