Case Management

Case Management- What's It All About?

Learn about what it means to be a case management professional. 

Top Ten Reasons To Be A Case Manager

An entertaining and informative list about the perks of being a case manager. 

Why Am I A Case Manager?

A personal anecdote from Kathryn Reid on her decision to pursue the case management career path.

Case Management's First White Paper

This white paper is intended to provide guidance to professionals evaluating visual dysfunction following neurological events. 

New Discipline Strengthens IARP Community and Private Rehab Industry

This article details the combination of Case Management and Disabilities Management to become IARP's Rehabilitation & Disability Case Management (RDCM) section as well as the reaction to the merger around IARP. 

Crafting a Successful Work-Injury Plan

An informative piece by IARP member Ms. Mary Harris on crafting a successful work-injury plan, published in the October-November issue of Case In Pointthe official magazine of the Case Management Society of America.

Internet Resources for Case/Disability Managers

A list of helpful internet resources for IARP Case/Disability Managers. 

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