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  • 1.  Spring Mini Series

    Posted 04-06-2024 10:19

    Hey everyone, 

    I just wanted to make sure you guys saw that we are having a spring mini series! The Emerging Professionals worked together with the forensic section to provide what I think is a pretty cool selection directed specifically at those who haven't started or have recently started their work in Forensic  Rehabilitation. I took a lot of the feedback I received at the conferences when looking for presenters/topics

    We will have a session on starting your own forensic practice, a session on report writing, as well as a section on how to conduct a TSA.  I know these were all things I wish I would have learned about in school before starting out.


    Nicole Fuscaldo
    Vocational Consultant
    Bellaire, TX United States

  • 2.  RE: Spring Mini Series

    Posted 04-06-2024 14:17
    Brilliant! All things I wish I learned as well. Thank you! My nomination packet has been submitted, thanks again for your support.

  • 3.  RE: Spring Mini Series

    Posted 04-06-2024 16:21
    Excited about this!

    Dana Beining, MS, CRC, LPC
    Vocational Consultant
    Vocational Consulting Services, LLC

    ph:(920) 499-1747
    c: (920) 619-6683                    

    fx: (920) 499-2867


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  • 4.  RE: Spring Mini Series

    Posted 04-07-2024 10:07
    These are amazing !
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