Professional ADEN Member

By Mohammad Gulam posted 05-16-2017 16:28


Company Posting – National Disability Institute

Name – Mary Lynn ReVoir

Title – Co-Director ADEN


Phone number: 202.765.2373

Job Title – Professional ADEN Member

Job Location – anywhere in the U.S.

Company – American Dream Employment Network (ADEN)

Job Summary – Calling Certified Rehab Counselors, Certified Work Incentives Practitioners, or other vocational rehab professionals across the country to join an expanding professional team and become a Member of the American Dream Employment Network. Use your skills to provide employment services to job seekers who receive Social Security Disability benefits and want to work. Members receive professional technical assistance. This is a contractual relationship and we welcome professionals from any state. You receive 80% of the revenue and there is no Membership fee. See why other professionals are engaged in this business opportunity.

Job Description:

ADEN Members perform the following duties to assist job seekers receiving Social Security disability benefits seeking employment to become more self-sufficient. Visit for additional information.

  • Attendance of ADEN orientation and monthly Member meeting
  • Assessment of individual Ticket assignment
  • Career Counseling, Job Search Supports, and Long-term Employment Support to individuals.
  • Benefits planning and work incentive advisement to individuals.
  • Documentation of services provided to individuals.
  • Cooperate with the processing of Social Security Administration suitability and clearance






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