FREE Employment Outcomes Fundamentals Webinar

By Kristina Jane Kennedy posted 12-07-2016 14:18


Kenfield would like to invite you to join us on our FREE distance learning webinar being offered at the end of January.

Together we will explore the Employment Outcomes Fundamentals (EOF) to:

  • Enhance your job development selling skills,
  • Cultivate new ideas,
  • Improve job development marketing techniques,
  • and most importantly, achieve greater employment outcomes with less effort

During this one hour webinar, you will be introduced to a selling system that is designed to be uniquely compatible with the field of human services. A system that works to help job developers:

  • Think and act more strategically by using a sells and marketing system that is specifically designed to put individuals with barriers to employment to work
  • Connect candidate preparation activities (motivation to work) with job market penetration activities
  • Implement a self-correcting system for optimal success

To participate go to

We encourage you to share this email with your colleagues who might also benefit. You don't want them to miss out on this opportunity!




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