IARP Call for Nominations

By IARP Headquarters posted 02-22-2017 15:39


My Fellow IARP Members,


As President-Elect, one of my principal responsibilities is to chair the IARP Nomination and Elections Committee. I encourage you to consider volunteering to serve in a leadership capacity. This spring all IARP chapters will have openings on their boards of directors. If you’ve never served in any capacity in IARP, volunteering at the chapter level would be a great starting point.


If you have been involved in an IARP committee, have attended a chapter seminar or workshop, gleaned a valuable insight from IARP Discussion Groups, then you know the value of participating in our vibrant association. IARP gains from the contribution of over 300 leaders at the committee, chapter, section, and board levels to sustain its strength. We continue to grow based upon your contribution and individual commitment to serve.


Each of our five special interest sections has openings on its board of directors. Serving on a section board is another starting point for your leadership opportunity. Experience at this level may lead you to seek a position on the IARP Board of Directors. If you are new to the rehabilitation field, serving on a chapter board, or at the section level will broaden your horizons. As IARP President Rick Robinson has said, “Leadership development is a process that begins with an individual’s commitment to engage, learn, challenge, and support the organization”.

here to read more from IARP President-Elect Steven A. Yuhas and to find out more information about open positions and nomination information.





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