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IARP announced its principal award winners at the association’s 2016 annual meeting in Pittsburgh last weekend.  The awards highlight the IARP member who has made lifetime contributions benefiting the total rehabilitation community.  Equally important are the awards for outstanding professional member, distinguished leader, and notable emerging professionals in the field.

Mary%20Barros%20Bailey%20Award.jpgMary Barros-Bailey was honored with the IARP Lifetime Achievement Award. The award recognizes the individual professional member who has demonstrated a history of distinguished service and life-long commitment to the rehabilitation profession. Those who nominated Mary describe an individual who has demonstrated over her entire career a high level of activity and professionalism within the profession of vocational rehabilitation consulting. In addition to maintaining an active private practice, Mary has been a constant contributor to various areas of concern in the field of vocational rehabilitation, and, in particular, forensic rehabilitation and life care planning. During the course of her career, Mary has served on many industry-wide initiatives, as well as several committees within IARP. Mary also has been a frequent contributor to professional journals (authoring), a frequent presenter at regional and national conferences, and instrumental in assisting with development of policy and procedures for the profession. Mary presents herself as a gentle and unassuming person, always open to discussion and dialog, listens well to the views and opinions of others, and unpretentiously leads by collegially involving others in situations requiring the development of options and resolutions to various issues.

Lynne%20Tracy%20Award.jpgLynne Tracy was recognized as the winner of the IARP Outstanding Leadership Award. For those who have had the opportunity to serve alongside of Lynne, they are united in their praise of her impact on IARP and the profession in general. Lynne has been active in leadership at all levels of the association, from her service to the IARP California chapter, to President of IARP from 2013 to 2015.  Her engagement in the field of rehabilitation goes far beyond IARP, as well. She has led IARP efforts to effect change toward unification of a highly fractured vocational rehabilitation community. Through her personal tenacity, doggedness and leadership style, IARP has been catapulted to the forefront of unification discussions and planning. The rehabilitation counseling field of tomorrow is being shaped today in part due to her engagement of IARP into this process through the Rehabilitation Counseling Coalition.  

Elizabeth%20Watson%20Award.jpgElizabeth Watson earned the IARP Outstanding Professional Member Award for her volunteer activities both inside and outside of IARP.  Elizabeth was recognized for her leadership in the creation and launch of a special interest section focusing on vocational rehabilitation transition services for students transitioning from high school to the workforce.  Elizabeth helped organize IARP’s first advance training for this growing discipline and then spearheaded the formation of an official IARP Section, the first new section in 10 years. Since creation of the section in June 2015, Elizabeth has worked tirelessly to promote this section – resulting in this section having the fastest growth rate of all IARP sections.  She continues to impress with her creativity and problem solving to ensure continued growth and viability of this section into the future.

Emily%20Veith%20Award.jpgEmily Veith was awarded the IARP Emerging Professional Award. Emily earned her master's degree in rehabilitation psychology from UW-Madison in 2005. She is a CRC and is licensed in Wisconsin as a professional counselor. She has worked in private sector rehabilitation since 2005. Emily's current practice involves work as a VR counselor, VE with ODAR, vocational evaluator for consumers of state VR services, and a growing vocational expert forensic caseload, handling workers compensation, family law and personal injury cases. She will be finishing training for her CLCP certification and sitting for the national certification exam in June. Emily has presented on topics relating to ethics and forensic work at state and national conferences (IARP in San Diego). She served on the IARP Wisconsin chapter board of directors. She has served IARP as a member of the SCRB. She served on the IARP Forensic Section board as a member at large and is the current Forensic Section Co-Chair. Emily's actions epitomize IARP participation, leadership, volunteering and professional growth.

IARP started a new tradition this year with the formal recognition of the outstanding work being done within IARP Chapters.  All IARP Chapters were invited to participate by describing how their chapter performed against a set of criteria, which included:
•    Leadership activity and organization involvement
•    Learning and career development
•    Membership growth and retention
•    Integration of the Next Generation
•    Strategic planning
•    Advancement of the association as a key stakeholder in legislative, regulatory, and policy issues
•    Creative and innovative activities

The following chapters were nominated:  IARP Carolinas, IARP Florida, IARP Illinois, IARP Louisiana, IARP Pennsylvania, and IARP Virginia.
And the winner is…. IARP Florida.  As the winner of the IARP Outstanding Chapter Award, IARP Florida will receive a banner that commemorates their accomplishment and can be used at future chapter events.


In addition to IARP’s annual awards, IARP President Rick Robinson also recognized the special contributions made through the year from various IARP members.  Those present at the conference were presented with their Commendations and thanked for their service by Rick.  Those not in attendance will receive their Commendations.

Tracy Albee

Barbara Azzam

Marvin Bellows

Mike Blankenship

James Boyd

Barbara Byers

Jeff Carlisle

Patty Costantini

Lori Cowin

Heidi Fawber

Paulette Freeman

Dan Giles

Bob Gisclair

Art Kaufman

Stony Landry

Debbe Marcinko

Michelle McBroom-Weiss

Toni McFarland

Mike Mooney

Valerie Moreno-Tucker

Anthony Morin

Beverly Olsen

Bob Pare’

Dave Patsavas

Karen Preston

Susan Riddick-Grisham

Mitchell Schmidt

Tom Selman

Carla Seyler

Michael Shahnasarian

Steve Shedlin

Dianne Simmons-Grab

Scott Smith

Gil Spruance

Robert Taylor

Kathy Thaman

Lynne Tracy

 Maria Vargas

Anne Savage Veh

Ann Wallace

David Zak 


In commenting on the awards recognition program, IARP President Rick Robinson said, “I am pleased the IARP Board of Directors renewed its commitment to the membership awards recognition program earlier this year and we were able to honor the winners in Pittsburgh.  We have the highest regard for those who have made long-term substantial contributions to the development and enhancement of the professional rehabilitation field. Today IARP formally recognizes the leadership skills, volunteer commitment, and dedication of their time and talent to the association. By also recognizing emerging professionals we signal our affirmation to revitalize, transform, and strengthen IARP through the integration of the next generation of rehabilitation professionals.”

The IARP member recognition program was developed by a special subcommittee of the IARP Membership/Marketing Committee. The subcommittee was co-chaired again this year by Stony Landry from Louisiana and Mitchell Schmidt from Pennsylvania.  Others contributing to the recommendations were Neil Bennett, Paulette Freeman, Todd Harden, Barbara Harvey, John Maier, John Meltzer, Marvin Reed, Gil Spruance, Michelle Weiss, Dana Weldon and Laura Woodard.

As part of the first-ever combined conference of IARP and the International Symposium on Life Care Planning (ISLCP), the Foundation for Life Care Planning Research (FLCPR) presented its annual awards during the IARP Awards ceremony on October 22, 2016 in Pittsburgh, Pa.  Established in 2002 as a non-profit research organization, the FLCPR has as a primary focus the support of reliability and validation studies within the advanced specialty practice of life care planning.  Over time, the Foundation's scope has broadened to include support for any well-developed research design within the field of rehabilitation that advances the field and/or makes a significant contribution to the population of individuals with a disability.  The FLCPR works with several state universities, private practitioners, university academics and doctoral students, and enjoys a long history of supporting successful research projects as well as supervising several doctoral students in the completion of their dissertation work.  For a summary of FLCPR projects, see www.FLCPR.org.

Congratulations to the 2016 FLCPR Award Recipients:
L-R:  Chris Reid, Ann Neulicht, Cloie Johnson and Susan Riddick-Grisham

Cloie B. Johnson was honored with the FLCPR Lifetime Achievement Award. The award is given to an individual in recognition of their dedication and countless contributions to the specialty practice of life care planning.  Known for maintaining the highest personal and professional ethical standards, recipients of the award have contributed significantly to the body of literature in life care planning and have advanced the specialty practice of life care planning through word and/or deed.  In addition to Cloie's many contributions to the practice of life care planning and to the rehabilitation profession as a whole, she is perhaps most well recognized for her contributions to (and her passion for) the biennial Life Care Planning Summits, having chaired or co-chaired five (5) Summits, including organizing and chairing the first ever International Life Care Planning Summit held in Toronto, Canada in 2011.  In addition to her invaluable work with the Summits, Cloie serves in other leadership roles including a past chair of the International Academy of Life Care Planners (IALCP) responsible for leading the IALCP Strategic Planning process, as well as a past co-chair of the International Symposium of Life Care Planning (ISLCP).  Cloie also serves on the editorial boards of the Journal of Life Care Planning, The Rehabilitation Professional (managing editor 2007-2011), and The Earnings Analyst (a publication of the American Rehabilitation Economics Association).  With numerous publications and presentations given throughout the span of her almost 30 year career, Cloie continues to provide leadership, instruction, authorship, collaboration, and mentoring, and continues to be a valued and relied upon resource for life care planning and rehabilitation professionals.  Her attitude of inclusiveness and her optimism shines through in all that she does and we look forward to Cloie's future contributions to the life care planning and rehabilitation community.

Ann T. Neulicht was recognized as Outstanding Life Care Planning Educator for her outstanding contributions to the education of life care planners through teaching, research, publications, conference presentations, community service and guidance. Criteria for this award include demonstrated evidence of significant contributions to the dissemination of life care planning knowledge, teaching experience at the university level, effective life care planning education, and community service related to life care planning.  Ann began her career as an educator almost 40 years ago when she obtained a Masters of Education degree in Special Education/Severe Disabilities and developed curriculum for and taught students with multiple and severe disabilities.  Soon after, she expanded her education to the field of rehabilitation and completed her doctorate in Rehabilitation Research, later having taught as Assistant Professor at UNC-Chapel Hill in their Division of Rehabilitation Counseling.  To this day, Ann continues in the role of educator in the areas of professional training, presentations, publications, mentoring, and service.  Ann's professionalism, knowledge, experience, and overall support of and involvement in the specialty practice of life care planning are evident.  As lead developer and researcher in the two (2) seminal Life Care Planning Surveys (published 2002 & 2010), Ann and her co-authors' work with the Survey continues to inform and educate the life care planning community and is a widely referenced resource.  Ann continues to initiate and actively participate in educational projects that address both the needs of evaluees and the life care planning professionals who work with them and her contributions serve as valuable and practical tools for life care planners to take and readily use in their own practice settings.  What is perhaps most notable about Ann is that while she has garnered the respect of being a knowledgeable and experienced life care planning and rehabilitation educator, she also is an extraordinary communicator, practitioner, and researcher.  Ann Neulicht truly embodies the phrase "life care planner as educator."   

Susan Riddick-Grisham was awarded the Sheri Jasper Memorial Recognition award in recognition of her contributions to the life care planning community that exemplifies the consummate professional and one who continues to be a positive influence in the specialty practice of life care planning through her consistent positive, supportive, friendly and encouraging attitude toward colleagues.  True to the award's namesake, Susan makes life care planners her #1 priority by seeking out and mentoring new and emerging life care planning professionals and facilitating introductions and linkages with others; going the extra mile for the betterment of the life care planning community with humor and perseverance and a willingness to lend her time and knowledge to assist in resolving problems; mentoring others without expectation for personal gain; and serving as a model for others in promoting life care planning.  Susan is a visionary in offering new ideas and developing new concepts or practices and is a supporter of productive and effective ways to advance the life care planning specialty practice.  Having greater than 30 years of experience working with patients/clients, families and clinical teams, it is no surprise that Susan's passion for assisting individuals with chronic disabling health conditions continues to drive the development of innovative life care planning tools and programs.  Not only was Susan one of the original founders, developers, and trainers of the first comprehensive national training program for life care planners in 1992, she also developed and edited the first comprehensive textbook on Pediatric Life Care Planning and Case Management (2004).  A familiar face and a nationally respected figure within the life care planning community, Susan's legacy can be seen in her vision for and development of The Care Planner Network, the first online community in which life care planning and case management professionals can share information about practice management, professional development and challenging case issues. Susan saw a need and created the Network as a resource for the life care planning community with a strategic vision for future applications of the life care planning process.  Furthering her innovative thinking, Susan developed the "LCP Forum" as an email discussion list (listserv) in which life care planner professionals can discuss issues that affect life care planning and case management, to share resources, offer support, and explore challenging case decisions.  With a passion to facilitate dialogue, communication, networking and education to promote breakthrough strategies for life care planning, it is clear that Susan is an instrumental and influential piece of the fabric of the life care planning community.

Timothy F. Field was awarded the Patricia McCollom/FLCPR Award for his significant contributions not only to the body of literature in life care planning but to the everyday practices of life care planners and either directly or indirectly to the lives and well-being of individuals with a disability.  Having worked in the profession for over 44 years, Tim has cultivated a career in rehabilitation as a researcher, educator, academician, vocational rehabilitation counselor, author, consultant, and expert within the public and private rehabilitation sectors.  Mostly known for his collaborative spirit, Tim is always willing to share his knowledge and expertise and offer his time and service to the rehabilitation community.  A valued and much sought after speaker and subject matter expert, Tim, over the last 25 years, has concentrated on conducting research, authoring books and developing related resources through printing and publishing in the rehabilitation industry.  As owner and founder of one of the premier publishing companies for rehabilitation and related materials, Tim serves as publisher of the Journal of Life Care Planning and The Rehabilitation Professional, both of IARP's professional, peer-reviewed journals.  In addition to other rehabilitation-related topics, Tim has an affinity for case law decisions as they affect life care planners and rehabilitation professionals and has published and presented on relevant topics of admissibility testimony, clinical judgment, and, most recently, on the Affordable Care Act and implications for life care planners.  Having worked closely with Patty McCollom in the early 2000s to establish the Journal of Life Care Planning, Tim, upon accepting this award, acknowledged that, "it was a delight to work with Patty...and my association with Patty makes this award all the more meaningful."  We look forward to Tim's future meaningful research projects.

In addition to the above awards, the FLCPR also offers a Graduate Student Dissertation/Thesis of the Year Award.  The Award is designed to encourage either post-graduate students in life care planning training programs or traditional bachelor degree or graduate students in rehabilitation programs with an interest in life care planning to publish their qualitative or research-based projects within a defined topic of life care planning.  The student receiving the award is invited to present their work as a Poster Presentation at the annual conference with the goal of having the paper submitted for publication in the peer-reviewed Journal of Life Care Planning.   

This year the FLCPR was pleased to recognize Susan Riddick-Grisham and Dr. Christine Reid, two of its founding Board members, who have provided continued and unwavering direction and service to the Board since its inception in 2002.  Both Ms. Riddick-Grisham and Dr. Reid have officially rolled off the Board, leaving an irreplaceable void and taking with them a heap of gratitude for their dedicated work.  Susan, having most recently served as Chair of the Foundation, and Chris as Vice-chair and Treasurer, worked closely with Dr. Paul Deutsch, founder of FLCPR, and have led the Foundation in its continued growth and recognition within the life care planning community.  The Foundation treasures their contributions to the Board and wishes them well in their new adventures. 



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