IARP 2016 Combined Conference

By IARP Headquarters posted 10-16-2015 08:54


IARP Expands Outreach with New Combined Conference

Registration Now Open

IARP announces its first joint conference, combining the annual International Symposium for Life Care Planning (ISLCP) and the IARP Annual Conference. The new collaboration will be held October 20-22, 2016, at the Wyndham Hotel in Pittsburgh, Penn.  ISLCP has been co-sponsored by IARP for over 20 years.  The co-chairs of the combined event are Debbe Marcinko, chair of the IARP Life Care Planning IALCP Section, and Steve Shedlin, IARP past president.

In commenting on the program the chairs said, “We are viewing this combined program as simply being Together Again for the First Time”.

Debbe stresses, “Those individuals who have been regular attendees of the Symposium will absolutely recognize the format, with pre-con and conference sessions featuring the same level of medical, legal and technical topics that have traditionally been offered at past Symposiums. We will hold  round table discussions similar to the past and relevant exhibitors will be present.”

Steve echoes a similar sense.  He  says, “Those individuals who have been regular attendees of the IARP Annual Conferences and IARP Forensic Conferences will also recognize pre-con and conference sessions dealing with cutting edge research, Social Security Disability issues, courtroom testimony and medical and vocational case management and disability management issues. We will also feature presentations for those interested in the new opportunities in vocational rehabilitation transition services.”

The co-chairs describe the difference from past years, “In 2016 we will all be together in the same venue at the same time.  If those who want to stay with the format they know, it will be offered at the conference.  Those who want to cross train for a session or two (or more) will have that option as well.”

Debbe  sees opportunities for new attendees to meet, network and make new contacts.  She is confident that the conference planners will deliver a program that meets the need for more opportunities for continuing education, and credits.  And Steve adds, “This is a must attend for the total rehabilitation community.”

Watch as the 2016 Combined Conference comes to life!



06-08-2016 10:39

Hi Patricia,
We are finishing the registration system this week and hope to open registration next week.

06-08-2016 10:38

When will we be able to register?


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