IARP Swings Open Career Doors with New Dues Structure

By IARP Headquarters posted 05-11-2015 13:23


As of July 1, 2015, the remaining hurdles will be kicked aside and the widest path cleared for IARP members to navigate the professional rehabilitation field and see how it best suits them.

The long-term goal of this membership enhancement: complete career satisfaction. The short-term goals: greater intelligence about all possible professional paths to follow … and… wide open channels to find new IARP coaches and colleagues within its vibrant professional network.

The change translates to a new, fairer and all-inclusive dues structure. A member’s annual dues will provide entry into all professional rehabilitation avenues  --“sections” -- that one can explore through IARP. These include forensics, life care planning, social security vocational expertise, and rehabilitation and disability case management.

Before 7/1/15 members had to pay their dues, which entitled them admission to one section, and an additional admission fee of $40 for every other section they wanted to join. After 7/1/15 admission to all four sections comes with a single dues payment.

As of July 1, annual dues become $225. And at the same time the entry fees of $40 each to each additional section will evaporate. In the end some members – more than one-third -- will be paying less than before and getting much more.

“For all intents and purposes, with this change IARP will be offering the broadest, most diverse and exciting course of a lifetime because all key rehab paths are linked and open,” said Rick Robinson, IARP President-elect.



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