The Virginia Chapter of International Association Rehabilitation Professionals serves rehabilitation professionals throughout the state of Virginia through education, professional development and networking opportunities.

VARP endorses the Mission and Goals of IARP, the International Association of Rehabilitation Professionals, which are to enhance the competency of private rehabilitation professionals, advance the professional field, improve the effectiveness of state-level affiliates, and lead in the resolution of public policy issues that affect private sector rehabilitation. To pursue this purpose, the chapter will work in concert with IARP to strive towards the following goals.

  • Enhance the professional competency and qualifications of members through the development of innovative continuing education and career development processes.
  • Monitor and influence federal government, state government and industry policies that affect the practice of private section rehabilitation.
  • Foster high standards of ethical conduct throughout the profession and encourage superior standards of professional performance.
  • Promote the chartering of state chapters through which members can work towards the resolution of public policy issues that affect private sector rehabilitation.
  • Enhance recognition of the private sector as an efficient, effective source of rehabilitation services.
  • Encourage interaction and understanding of issues and trends affecting the profession and the competency of all members.
  • Promote rehabilitation research: collect, interprets and effectively disseminate information on changing social, economic, governmental, and technological conditions affecting the profession.
  • Maintain an organizational structure that addresses the expectations of members and reflects the highest levels of volunteer and professional staff competency.
  • Maintain cooperative relationships and activities with allied organizations in pursuit of IARP’s mission.