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  • 1.  Vision questions form ALJ

    Posted 04-22-2019 17:28
    I was asked by ALJ in hearing today whether claimant could perform sedentary jobs I gave as examples if limited to not being able to read fine print or 12 point size font: examples I had given based on initial hypothetical which I originally gave per hypo did not include anything about vision were Addressor (209.587-010), Call-out Operator (237.367-014), and Surveillance Sytem Monitor (379.367-010). I looked up Vision for each job via Job Browser Pro and near acuity was constant fo addressor, and frequent for the other two jobs.  Near acuity is vision at 20 inches or less. I am interested in how best to answer vision hypos that refer to fine print and font size. The ALJ proceeded without additional questions after my response with frequency for each job. After the hearing the ALJ asked about rules or or limitations that might be referred to concerning reading Fine print and font size. I wasn't aware of of any and she suggested I pose question to other VE for clarification. So, I've been a VE for 3 years, and a member of IARP for a year. I'm asking for any input from this community of expert on the subject. Thanks , Don Boman

    Donald Boman, Sr.
    Vocational Expert
    Cottonport, LA United States